Friday, 14 March 2014


"Today is a new day, and tomorrow must be better than yesterday...."

There is no site more upsetting that looking into the eyes of a person drained of their hope. For in their eyes they hold the pain, the memory and their fear. When mankind has lost hope, when you loose hope, it brings you down so far you feel like your own body is creating a cage around you, you can't breathe, you are always thinking of why, why you? Why did god (if their is a god) give me this illness, this condition or disability....? 

I find this question is in the mind of many men, in the mind of everyone. I frequently ask myself this question, so simple, yet so complex.... 

Why is their pain? why is it only some people have walls in their path and others have none? The answer is...its complicated. In life there must be good, there must be bad..."ying and hang" so to speak. Some feel we are being punished by god for the sins of Adam and Eve....others feel they just go dealt a bad hand, there are so many reasons well tell ourselves as we fall asleep at night in our sanctuary. 

Is god punishing us? No. 
Is it down to luck? No. 
Is it he loves some more than others? No. 

God if he exists made you the way you are, why? because to him you are beautiful, to him you are the way he wanted you to be. Sure its hard but think, would you change everything to be without your condition? or would you still want to live the life you lead. 

To me the condition, the illness, or the disability is what makes us who we are. Without it who would you be? It has helped me so much, my illness has helped me see better, I can see the pain in others because I know it myself. 

Remember you are perfect just the way you are, and don't let anyone make you think otherwise, because there will come a day you see the beauty in yourself.

Nobody is alone in the fight, count on you friends and family, because they see you for you...

Kind Regards