Wednesday, 12 March 2014

There are many different ways someone can be Brave. Bravery can be in the smallest gesture to a loved one, Bravery can be seen in ones eyes when they look upon their child, Bravery can be shown through words or demonstration of ones opinion. 

Why is it people always say someone who suffers an illness is Brave? This question has been brought up a few times now, so I feel it would be best for me to answer. 

When people say this it is not directed at the pain, nor is it at the condition. When this is said, it is said to show the bravery of the person. For it takes their strength  and determination to go from one excruciating day to the next, to overcome the walls and labels they have been given. It is in doing so that a man shows true bravery, He shows his bravery in his perseverance to live. 

So I ask you, to ask yourself...are we not all brave. For something as simple as making a new friend, getting out of bed and going to work or putting on a smile, can be terrifying for this is a leap of faith, faith in ones-self, or faith in another. 

Remember you are never alone in the fight, there will always be someone there to help you or to listen. Feel free to share your story or feelings on the main page, and don't forget to dream, big dreams. 

Kind Regards

Your Friend