Friday, 5 June 2015

Well yesterday was my last exam, the last day of being a 6th year and the last time I will have to go to high was 6 long school years, and another 7 before it seems like such a short time wasted, I know I will not use half the things I have been taught, I know that all I will do now is through out the papers and notebooks I have stacked high on my desk and move on to college and then university.

I remember my first day of school- but I doubt I will remember the last, it dose not seem as important in a way, now it is just yesterday. I am just happy I made it this far, for a while I didn't think I would. The best thing about school for me, was going, it was changing. Primary school was cruel, high school- was when everything began to grow, people began to see. I would say I will forget about high school now, but I can't forget everything, the bad times will be there, but now in the last few years I have good times to balance it all out.

I finished high school- and I have friends. I feel normal. I can't wait till I go to college, and meet new people and new friends.

Bottom line- what was/is the best thing about your work/school ect? just think about it and maybe you will see something you didn't see before...mine is getting there.

Your Friend