Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Fast Approaching

Two week until Christmas 2016. I have been thinking a lot about family and what they mean to me. After all I have been doing loads of shopping!

And the thing is, I can't find anything out there that expresses what I want to say, or what I feel. My family, as I have said many times is everything, from my close friends to my sisters and brother.

My mother is ill and putting everyone else first.
My father is in pain and working 24/7 to keep a roof over their head.
My brother is lonely and a child.
My sisters are hard at work, making something of themselves.
My friends are working, studying and a distance away from me. 

My family is strong. And everyone in it has done a lot for me. I love them all but my parents are the ones who stick out the most. My mum checks in every so often, but I haven't really spoken to my dad in a while. 

For those of you who don't know, my dad is my rock. He keeps me strong because he is strong. He keeps me working hard because he has worked hard every day since he started a family. He has HME. He helped me to accept myself and got me to where I am today. He always knows what to say-even if that is saying nothing. 

So this Christmas, all I want is for my parents to be happy and to sit down as a family. My aim for the new year, is to be half as selfless, and dedicates as my mum and dad. 

What is your aim or hope this holiday season? 

Your Friend