Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Today I was sat with my fellow students and we were talking about suicide jokes. How much it upset them that someone would use it as a subject in their punch lines. How it is not a matter to laugh about, its a serious thing. Now I 100% agree with this, self harm,depression or suicide is not a laughing matter. However I got to thinking why are these people hurt by this, yet they make disabled, "retard"and "spaz" jokes every single day- to my upset. 

I made the mistake of saying this very thing. They simply said, "its only a joke, we don't mean it". I am sure that is what the people think about their suicide jokes, yet you take offence. I sit in class, in society and put up with your jokes, about people like me, people in pain. Yet you take insult at others doing the same thing to you? 

How is this fair, I asked what the difference was, their answer; "you would not know how it feels". I gave up my argument then and there. I was not going to win. How could I, without causing further upset. 

So now to those people who feel it is okay to joke about medical conditions of any kind, I say; "I am disabled, I am in pain, tired, and lonely 90% of the time, even when I am surrounded by people. I know what it feels like to hate yourself, I know how it feels to hit rock bottom, to be unable to see anything good in life. 

I do not see the difference between you or I, everyone in the world feels, and has been hurt by a simple joke that another has found funny at some point in their life. Why is one kind more hurtful than the other? is it because one applies to you, or someone you know? I would say that if you make a joke and after think; "this is someones life, people have that..." or  "I hope people know I'm joking" then its not funny, it has hurt someone, and you asking yourself that question only makes it true."

Mental illness is not a joke.
Suicide is not your punch line. 
Disabled people are not there for you to imitate.
Words like "spaz", are not okay to use when describing your or others "mess-ups" or "issues". 
Self-harm, is not something to be said when you think you have a hard day ahead.

After all, somewhere, all of these things and more, are someones life. In conclusion, are your jokes really funny? think before you make them, and say sorry if you do.

Your Friend