Monday, 24 March 2014


What is it?
Who has the right or the wisdom to know what is normal?
Who has the power over others and society to set the image for perfection?

To be normal is to be born, to grow, to live and to die. That is the basic formula of every-ones life.
But what is it that makes a person say... "you are not normal" is it that you do not live your life in the same way as them or is it that you choose to wear different clothes while living the same life, while walking the same path. I do not know.

To me there is no such thing as normal.

Everyone is their own, everyone is different and nobody is the same. Everyone has a flaw and most have not yet reached perfection...for that dose not exist either. However I do believe in beauty, that is only found in acceptance of yourself. After all you are what you are, you have what you have, you do what you do, all of this makes you who you are, that is Beauty, and acceptance is the closest thing to perfection one can get.

Your Friend