Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Funny Things...

Have you ever sat back one day and just ran through all the other things, bad or good, and watched them skip around the inside of your mind. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Sometimes all the thoughts are moving so fast I can never seem to find the focus to catch any single one. Then out of the blue one thought, one image,one idea: catches my attention, on those days I am not myself. I am sad.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by sadness to the point you cant focus on anything, that it becomes your only thought. At this point you can do a few things...

1. You can keep the sadness inside...(BAD IDEA)
2. You can fix the problems one,by one... (If they are fixable)
3. You can do something to distract your self; dose not work long term...
4. Talk to your Friends... (WORKS)

Personally, I do all 4, it may not be the best thing to do, but for me it help. After all as you grow up, you develop thing to help take away pain, deal with anger or frustration. Battle disappointment and bad news ect... For me it is punishing myself, sometime even now, because that's what I did before. Lately though I have been crying, sometimes I don't even know the reason for my tear but more of the time I do. I do not punish myself as often though, I do not starve myself as much, I do not sleep the pain I find a friend or sit up with a good book in my hand, or a bunch of paints at my side.

It is in finding these ways of coping with our sadness, our anger...that seems to sit next to having a condition, illness or disability that we travel through life. However I feel strongly that it it this sadness, this pain or anger that makes us all stronger...and ready for life. All we need is to find away to deal with all the thoughts or ideas one at a time, but never all at once.

Remember you are never alone in the fight, feel free to post your own story on the main page and I will listen.

Kind Regards

Your Friend