Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Brave the Shave

As most people know by now, I am largely effected by cancer in my life, with HME running in the family, and my mum having cancer, and my gran loosing her fight against it a few years back...because of this I find cancer is everywhere, it happens all the time, people are diagnosed ever minute, and only half of those effected win their battle against it. I do not think this is good enough. I am afraid most days, not for myself but my mum, who's cancer has a 50% chance of killing her. I don't want my brother to loose his mother when he is 7 or 10...a age where he may or may not remember the fun times.

Brave the Shave is to raise money to help people find a cure. The money raised is to help reach 100% survival instead of only 50% - getting a cure takes funding. So in light of this I have signed up to be a "Brave Shaver", my target is £200 pounds though I hope to raise as much as possible. Every little

If you want to share or donate go to; https://bravetheshave.org.uk/shavers/jordan-daly/?edit=1

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