Sunday, 18 May 2014

Another Weekend

The last two evenings I have had to be taken in to A&E due to my chest pain and my ability to breathe being reduced as a result. As I stood there the first time try to expand me chest I was scared. Not just of the pain, but of what might have happened if it had not stopped. My friend had to hold my arms up to shoulder is meant to stretch out my chest. My sister didn't really know what to do or what to say. However none of that was as bad as last night. I was sitting with my mum and dad in the living-room, just sitting...then out of the blue a sharp pain stretches down the front of my chest and out at both sides. My mum was crying, my dad was scared and holding me up as best he could. Thankfully my sister took my little brother to his room so he didn't have to see me is so much pain. I can only imagine how little he must know of it and how bad it is for him to witness.  
I am 16 years old, and last night I was blue, pink and confused. It wasn't until that ambulance came that they gave my something to block out the large amount of pain that I caught my breathe. However a few minutes once I came of it the pain would return, and so it was another trip into hospital.

They did not do tests, or scans, they simply left me waiting until my turn came on the list. When the doctor finally came he simply said to get more painkillers, and sent me of home yet again in pain.

I wonder what about of pain do they see? what level of screams do they hear? Or is it that they see and hear me, but they just don't know?